• My bookcase

    My bookcase

    Love reading?

    Choose your favourite book and cover your bookcase with novels, manuals or dictionaries! Great prices!

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  • Fitness


    Your good habit!

    Do you like sport?Do you have a gym?Buy our fitness machines, sport bags and top brand sneakers...everyday a good habit for your wellness!

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  • Clothes for kids

    Clothes for kids

    Top brand selection at very affordable prices

    Do you have a baby or a kid?Are you looking for a special gift?Browse the curated selections in our kids' clothing playlist, featuring the top trends!

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  • Big stocks of tyres

    Big stocks of tyres

    Choose models and place your bid

    Are you looking for big stocks of tyres? Have a look to this playlist: you can find lots of stocks of truck tires, car tires and quad tires!

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  • Fitness machines and supplies

    Cyclettes, Lat Machines, Tapis Roulant and so on

    Are you into fitness? Are you a trainer starting your career? Is it time to renew some fitness supply in your gym? This is the …

    Fitness machines and supplies
  • Perfumes and cosmetics

    For your bodycare

    Would you like to save money by purchasing quality products for hair and body care? Take advantage of this auction for yourself …

    Stock Perfumes and cosmetics
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    Beyond 250.000 titles among books, DVDs and toys

    If you are interested in bidding, send your expression of interest before auction's opening.

  • Fitness machines and supplies

    Vaporiser, ecographic instruments and so on

    Are you into fitness? Are you a trainer starting your career? Is it time to renew some fitness supply in your gym? This is the …

    Stock Fitness machines and supplies
  • Top brand sneakers

    Nike, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Tiger and much …

    For this auction we thought just about you: thousands of pairs of sneakers to fit your casual or hipster style. Be our guest and …

    Top brand sneakers
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  • Truck tires

    Find your model

    Do you own a truck and need the tire change? Take advantage of this auction to save money without sacrificing quality! Many …

    Truck tires
  • SUV tires

    Find your model

    The Off-road is your passion? Do you look forward for the weekend to run away in search of new landscapes? Take advantage of this …

    SUV tires
  • Car tires

    Find your model for your own car

    Search for your tires at the best prices! Within this auction you will find 4 seasons tires in special offer: Goodyear, …

    Car tires
  • Sports bags

    For your team, for your business

    Are you an athlete? Would you like to buy new sports bags for your team? Are you looking for a backpack or a bag that you can …

    Stock Sports bags
  • Pallets

    In wood, in iron, cages and so on

    Used pallets have never been so cheap!!! Do not miss our auction for euro pallets, industrial pallets or metal cages. Stocks are …

    Stock Pallets
  • Lights stock

    Bulbs, halogen, lamps, kits and so on

    A great unmissable stock of bulbs and lamps.

    Stock Lights stock
  • Fashion shop furniture

    Pieces of furniture, shelves, tables and …

    Do you want to refurbish your shop? Do you need to decorate your brand new shop? This is the auction right for you, quality at …

    Stock Fashion shop furniture
  • Bathroom furniture

    Furniture and faience for your bathroom

    Are you planning to renew your bathroom? Would you like to buy a good hydromassage tub? Are you looking for cheap spare parts at …

    Stock Bathroom furniture